Middle Year Programme:

Junior School, the Secondary & Higher Secondary programme consist of Upper Middle Years Programme which are Level/class 6 to 10 and Level -11 & 12 respectively.

Students undertake an educational journey that offers academic rigor whilst equipping them with skills and attitudes appropriate to the challenges and opportunities of contemporary society. Students learn not only from their text but also from their surroundings. We encourage the little observers to open their eyes, to look around and acquire knowledge from their friends, their teachers and elders, and their environment. Our curriculum is designed to strengthen the foundation of the students and begin their preparation for upcoming public examinations JSC & SSC.

The teenage years are times of rapid growth involving both physical & emotional changes. During this time, students take the exciting and challenging journey from childhood to becoming young adult. This journey is not the same for two any two human beings; each person’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth begins at a different times.