Primary School (The Early Years):

The Primary School consists of the early years: Early -I (play), Early II (Nursery), Early III (Kindergarten) ; and the Primary School; Level-1 to Level -5. The Primary Years Programme encourages children to play, explore, experiment, wonder, inquire, practice, invent, create and imagine. It’s a world where they are actively engaged and involve fully as learners with a hand on approach to all learning experiences which will lead children to become life-long learners. Leading to communicate, play creatively, interact and care for others are crucial to the students’ participation in the programme and to their social development.

It is given high priority in our classrooms. Children spend the majority of their day with a homeroom teacher, teaching assistant and childcare assistant. From Early I (play) and Early-II (Nursery) students benefit from the specialist teaching in music, physical education and information technology. From Early-III (Kindergarten) onward Visual arts, Bangla-& Arabic are added to the subjects. At Level -5 students are prepared onward for upcoming public exam in Level-5.